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Pump training courses, piping training courses, consulting and more.  Welcome to KASA Redberg - Engineers and Technical Trainers


PUBLIC SEMINAR SCHEDULE FOR 2018 - For 2018, the team at KASA Redberg has decided to focus on providing high quality standard and customised training courses directly to you at your own place of work.  Over the last few years, more and more of our clients have decided to take up the option of having our courses presented in-house as we only charge a fixed presentation fee regardless of the number of attendees.  Other advantages include (i) zero travel costs for attendees (ii) the ability to have custom-designed course content included at no extra cost (iii) full client control of the schedule, and (iv) as few as one or as many as a hundred attendees in your own on-site meeting or training room.  Please visit our Courses page or view our Course Information Kit for further information on the types of pump courses, piping courses, pressure vessels seminars etc that we provide.  Should you have a particular interest in attending a public course, please contact us to register an expression of interest stating the course and cities you would be able to attend.  Should we attain enough interest the course can be scheduled.  Should you wish to arrange an in-house and/or customised course at your place of work then please contact us directly and we will provide a detailed quotation. (Updated 25 January 2018)

e-LEARNING COURSES - In 2014 we went "live" with our first e-learning course titled "Safety in Design - Fundamentals for Australian Designers".  This three hour course has been designed to provide guidance for engineers involved in the design of buildings, structures, plant and equipment so that they meet their WHS obligations under Australian law and are better placed to design safer workplaces.  This e-learning course can be incorporated into your own organisation's intranet or company-wide learning management system.  It can also be viewed on an iPhone, iPad, PC or any Android device.  In 2016 we added "Wind Loading to AS/NZS 1170.2 - Fundamentals for Designers".  Contact us to find out more or simply go to our Courses page to gain immediate access and to start learning as an individual user.  We will be adding additional online courses throughout 2018. (Updated 25 January 2018)

AS4041 & ASME B31.3 SPREADSHEET -  We have posted a spreadsheet relating to calculating the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure and/or Minimum Required Wall Thickness of straight pipe and bends in acordance with AS 4041 and ASME B31.3 in our Library.  Please note that this spreadsheet is unchecked and is designed as a training tool so please verify the accuracy of this spreadsheet yourself and modify accordingly should you wish to use it for actual pressure piping design work. (Updated 25 January 2018)

PUMP COURSES & PUMP TRAINING SEMINARS - "Pump Fundamentals" - 2018:  We will be only running this pump in private (in-house) venues in 2018.  This course can be customised (at no extra charge) to suit your specific needs and can be presented anywhere in Australia or around the world.  Please go to our Courses page to obtain more information.  (Updated 25 January 2018)

LIQUID PIPING TRAINING COURSES & SEMINARS - "Liquid Piping Systems Fundamentals" - 2018:  This piping course is a must for those new to piping and pipelines or for those who want to formalise their on-the-job learning.  To the best of our knowledge, there is no other piping training seminar similar to this piping course in Australia.  Contact us if you would like this course presented at your own place of business or hang on until 2019 when we will once again be presenting in public venues.  More information on this liquid piping course is available on our Courses page.  (Updated 25 January 2018)

SLURRY TRAINING COURSES & SEMINARS - "Advanced Slurry Pumping & Piping" - 2018:  Our last "Advanced Slury Pumping & Piping" training seminar was held in June 2012 with sessions in Brisbane and Perth.  Professor Paul Slatter was once again our slurry expert/guest presenter for the course sections relating to (i) slurry properties (ii) slurry piping design for settling slurries, and (iii) slurry piping design for non-settling slurries.  This slurry seminar was scheduled for public presentation in October 2015 in Perth and Brisbane but due to the well known mining industry downturn, it was cancelled as a public course for 2015.  Please go to our Courses page to obtain course information.  At this stage we are waiting for expressions of interest to determine if we will be offering this as a public course in 2018.  (Updated 25 January 2018)

GAS PIPING COURSES & SEMINARS - "Gas Piping Systems Fundamentals" - 2018:  Our last gas piping course was held in April 2013 with John Westover once again doing a great job as the presenter.  This seminar will not be run again as a public seminar in 2018 but is available as a private (in-house) customisable course.  Please go to our Courses page to obtain more information.  (Updated 25 January 2018)

CODE SPECIFIC PIPING DESIGN COURSES & SEMINARS - "Piping Design to AS 4041 & ASME B31.3" - 2018:  Our AS 4041 and ASME B31.3 piping design course was last run in mid-2016.  Just like our "Pressure Vessel Design to AS 1210" course, this course has been very popular.  Please go to our Courses page to obtain more information.  Note:  KASA is no longer providing copies of AS 4041 and ASME B31.3.  Whilst not an absolute necessity, it is recommended that attendees bring their own copies for bookmarking purposes.  It should be further noted that in 2018, we will be referencing the 2016 version of ASME B31.3. (Updated 25 January 2018)

PRESSURE VESSELS COURSES & SEMINARS - "Pressure Vessel Design to AS 1210" - 2018:  In 2018 we will only be looking to run this course as an in-house seminar unless we receive sufficient expressions of interest to run it as a public course.  Please go to our Courses page to obtain more information.  (Updated 25 January 2018)

Private "In-House" Open Pit/Mine Dewatering Course:  Over the last eight years we have provided in-house, site-based training for operators, maintenance personnel and engineers involved in below water table mining.  Our two day training course has now evolved to include topics such as:  borehole pumps, self-priming diesel driven pumps, water and slurry transfer pump setups, reading pump curves, polyethylene and steel piping tips, common valves (including air relief valves) and dewatering troubleshooting tips.  Contact us to find out more and to obtain a quotation for training to be delivered at your site.  (Updated 25 January 2018)

Pump Courses and Piping Courses for the Water and Wastewater Industry:  Did you know that we provide private, customised pump and piping seminars and courses for companies involved in the water and wastewater sector of industry?  Our major clients include public utilities, local councils and engineering consultancies large and small.  In 2016 we started providing a new public course titled "Sewage Pump Station & Rising Main Design".  This course was well attended and private (in-house) courses have also been arranged for consulting engineers and urban water agencies with the last course being run in-house for Hunter Water Corporation.  (Updated 25 January 2018)

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